Bird that’s top of the garden pops

The blackbird sings through all weathers, resplendent in his glossy coat, sleek and jet-black, set off to perfection by the bright orange of his beak. He is known for his friendliness, cheerful disposition and amazing singing talent. His female companion, in startling contrast, is dressed in various shades of quiet brown. She is laid back in her daily pursuits, the complete opposite of her hyperactive partner. The male blackbird cannot stay still for long.  His antics are quite spectacular as he throws himself down from the upper boughs, crashing clumsily through the leaves, runs up and down the tree trunks, thrashes about in the bushes and inspects the entire length and breadth of his garden on foot. When he swoops down to greet me, he makes so much noise that it sounds as if a cat were dragging him through a hedge backwards. Just as I gasp in horror, he emerges nonchalantly, unscathed and in high spirits.

Many a time he has me laughing helplessly, watching him use his beak like a sharp stick to pick up raisins I have put out for him. After a few minutes, he looks as if he has a brown golf ball stuck on his face as he flies away jerkily to share his booty with his partner. In summer I babysit his children whom he leaves on my kitchen doorstep, and in return he helps me with the gardening, staying close by and digging here and there for worms. But the most treasured moments are when he rewards me with his song. It is a song full of sweetness and cheerful, rounded notes since he is a good-natured, happy-go-lucky bird that sees a friend in everyone. If you are lucky enough to share your garden with a blackbird, feed him well for the delight of his company and beautiful singing outweigh any effort and will lift your spirits in the depths of winter.


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