I aim to please….

Being passionate about nature isn’t a one-way only commitment to help wildlife and the environment using our knowledge and skills. By observing nature closely it is obvious that animals and plants respond to our care by showing their appreciation in many ways. I would even dare to suggest that by following the mantra of our pets, wild animals in need and plants, we could aspire to be better humans. What mantra? It is: “I aim to please.” The enthusiastic greetings of our dogs when we are back home, cats rolling tummy up to make us laugh, the gratitude of those wild animals that have been saved from cruel treatment or illness, and the flourishing of well-cared for plants and trees, prove that the environment reciprocates our efforts. This fact was noticed in ancient times – Egyptians referred to birds as highly valued friends, and Aesop recounts a story of a lion with a thorn in his paw being helped by a mouse who removed the thorn because the lion hadn’t squashed her on a previous occasional encounter.

It takes so little effort to please others, so little trouble to make someone happy.  Here is just one example: last week I had a problem with my laptop as it had lost its internet connection, and so no email, no blogging nor ordering anything vital on-line. After trying to solve it, by then in desperation we emailed the head of Plusnet, my internet provider.  To my astonishment he replied by return and arranged for one of his senior technical experts to phone and guide me through the maze of various computer corrections. It took 45 minutes and his endless kindness but I had my laptop back to fully working. This act of “I aim to please” from such a large (PLC) company made my day.  In one of his famous classic films, Cary Grant remarked: ” If only we could be more like humans, we would create Heaven right here on Earth.”  My and all the animals in my wildlife garden’s sentiments exactly.


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